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All rental rates are in CAD and subject to applicable taxes.

Adult LUXURY Demo Equipment: Skis and Snowboards
retail-level equipment, i.e. any skis or snowboards you can buy in stores.
 1234567extra day
Package inc boots150200290380650750 62050
Book Now10514020526632238543535
Skis/Board only


Book Now9112617522426631535028
Adult DELUXE Performace Equipment: Skis and Snowboards
Performance level equipment for intermediate and advanced riders.
 1234567extra day
Package inc boots12018026034040045050040
Book Now8512618223828031535028
Skis/Board only10016022028032035038030
Book Now7011215419622424526625
Adult SPORT Performace Equipment: Skis and Snowboards
Perfect for a beginner skier or snowboarder. Specifically tailored for beginners, this equipment will make learning easy!
 1234567extra day
Package inc boots10016021026532035040035
Book Now7011214718622424528025
Skis/Board only8014017020524025028025
Book Now569812014416817519618
Junior Equipment: Skis and Snowboards 
For children (12 and younger) who need skis or snowboards up to 130cm in length.
 1234567extra day
Package inc boots7010014518022026029030
Book Now507010212615418220320
Skis/Board only508010512014016017020
Book Now355674849811212015
Optional Extras (20% OFF on all Extra Products)
 1234567extra day
Adult Suit407510513015517018525
Jacket or Pants
Helmet Rental1224364860728412
Damage Insurance
Damage Insurance